Friday, February 25, 2011

Ski Day

For my dad's very young 55th Birthday (which was Jan. 11th) Mike and I gave him a free ski lift ticket to Powder Mountain. We finally found a great day that would work so me, Mike, my dad, and Darin headed up the mountain on Sat. Feb. 12th. It was the most beautiful day! We skied for a few hours, watched as the sun went down over the valley, and ate yummy chicken salad sandwiches at the car for a quick break. After a terrible fall on black ice while headed to the bathroom, I layered up some more and we headed back out for night skiing. Once again, awesome night to ski! We had so much fun making memories together. A day I'm sure we'll never forget.
Happy Birthday Dad, love you!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Amy Jo

I miss this girl like crazy! She moved to Massachusetts about 6 months ago and it's the longest we've ever been apart. She's my best friend! We've been through a lot together. She's been by my side through the hard times and the good times. She is amazing and I'm so proud of her and her accomplishments. Love you Amy Jo!!

Crappy cold...

I woke up Valentine's morning with a terrible head cold. Poor Mike doesn't get much sleep when I have a cold because I snore.... apparently pretty loud. I've worked the past two days but have felt pretty terrible. My amazing boss/dad sent me home early today because I felt like death. I took more medicine, had a good nap, and am now enjoying a great movie, "Life As We Know It". Great movie! Hopefully my nose will unclogg soon and my ears will stop popping. Nothing like a crappy cold!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jazz Game - Jan. 31st

Mike and I had the super fun opportunity to go to a Jazz game. We used the 'Subway' two-for-one ticket voucher's and had great seats. This was Mike's second Jazz game ever. We enjoyed watching Alema Harrington and Big T (Thurl Bailey) doing the pre-game show. Little did we know that is was one of Jerry Sloan's last NBA game. They beat the Charlotte Bobcats 83-78. What a great game! GO JAZZ!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

47 Miles and counting...

I am LOVING life right now!! Like I've mentioned before, we joined a gym in the beginning of January and I spend most evenings there. Mike stays late at school on Tues. and Thurs. so I go along then but on the other nights, he usually goes with me. I try to spend at least 1 hour, 5-6 x a week, on the treadmill. I've been extra good with my Weight Watchers tracking and it is sure starting to pay off. My dad so graciously offered to financially help me, my mom, and sister to join weight watchers. It's been a pretty rough couple of months for me in the weight category and instead of dropping, I kept gaining. Until now! My stats for the month of January: 47 miles, -4.11 total inches (average of .59in in 7 different areas) and lost just over 2 pounds. I feel so great!! I can't wait to just keep going and continue to watch my body shrink and change. I've got a pair of pants that I can hardly keep on! What and incredible feeling!! Thanks to all for your encouraging words! Especially my dad, I love you!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


This past Monday morning, Mike, his mom and I headed down to the Ogden City courthouse for yet another hearing in Derek's case. Derek is Mike's younger brother who was killed in a tragic car accident nearly two years ago. The driver of the car was drunk and was fleeing the police when his car hit Derek and his roommate Blake. (To read more on the story, please click here). Monday was supposed to begin the 3-day trial but instead, Mark Mora pleaded guilty. What a relief. He has not yet been sentenced but at least he is finally in custody.
We had a great day being together. The Strebel family came over to my in-laws house for a news interview and we were able to all sit and talk with each other. It was so fun to reminisce about the boys and all the fun memories we shared with them.Mike has forgiven Mark Mora for what he did but he also feels so good that justice is being served, finally. What a relief for the Jasper and Strebel families. Derek was such an amazing boy and we know that he is serving his mission on the other side. It will sure be a glorious day when we can all be together again.
Derek- We Love and Miss you so much.

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