Friday, November 5, 2010

- - Halloween - -

What a fun Halloween weekend!! We all had a total blast with each other. My sister Michelle and family were able to come down and go trick-or-treating with us. Here are a few fun highlights from our holiday week!!

* The Richard's, My parents, Alacia, and us went to a pumpkin patch where we went through a fun corn maze, went down some crazy big slides, and went on a wagon ride to pick out our pumpkins. It was lots of fun!

* On Halloween, all of us piled in the cars and went to the Wirick's, Grandma and Grandma Johnston's, and we visited Grandpa Olsen. Everyone was so excited to see the kids in their cute costumes. Kellie was a little concerned about Grandpa in a hospital bed so we asked him "What happened, Grandpa?" and before we knew it, Tommy answered her and said, " He's just really old, like almost 100!" It was super cute!

* All of the kids in their Awesome costumes. Alacia - Witch... Ryan - Vampire... Ashley - Cowgirl... Kellie - Maleficent... Tommy - Yoda... Katelyn - Sleeping Beauty... Whitney - Lady Bug... Kayden(Not Pictured) - Monkey

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