Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mike + 3 minute brownie recipe = Disaster (but cute!)

So the other night, I came home from a long day's work to find Mike in the office doing homework. Once he knew I was home, he jumped up and said, "I found this awesome recipe with tons of reviews... want to try it? It only takes 3 minutes!" Of course I said yes. So there he was, following this short recipe to make a deliciously yummy brownie. He was SO excited! He followed the recipe perfectly and mixed all the ingredients together in a microwave safe mug. After about 2 minutes of it cooking, it started smelling Super good! I was actually getting excited for this interesting treat. Once it was done, Mike opened the microwave door and found this....

Somewhat of a disaster! It smelled SO good regardless of its looks so we gave it a try... Let's just say it smelled much better than it tasted. It was really dry and pretty spongy. We both ate a bite and we had had enough. Mike went back and read of few of the reviews... as to be expected, they all said how terrible it was. After a good laugh, I realized what a great hubby I have. He is so thoughtful because he know's how much I LOVE chocolate. He was so cute and excited to make me this "tasty" treat. I'm so lucky to have Mike as my eternal companion and best friend. He can always make me laugh and constantly takes such good care of me. I love you babe!

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