Thursday, March 24, 2011


So it's 1 am and I'm still awake. I've had a lot of things racing through my mind these past few days and it all finally burst. I typed up all the things that have been clogging my mind... 1 1/2 pages later, I feel much better. I've never ever written down all of my worries and stresses before... it actually feels quite good. I've realized lately that I'm a huge ball of stress; I worry about too many things that are out of my control. I'm trying to teach myself not to worry so much. Writing this note I think is the beginning of a whole new me... at least a less stressed me. Hopefully now that I've got that off my chest and printed on two sheets of paper, my little tired eyelids will close and I'll fall fast asleep. I highly recommend the self help of writing down what's on your mind... it truly helps and it's cheap!

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