Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yesterday, Mike and I went down to the Salt Lake Temple and attended an endowment session. It was so amazing! This was my first time for a live session and Mike's second time. I loved walking through it and looking at the amazing structures and architecture inside. I felt like I was in an old museum. The spirit there was so strong and I can't wait to go again! We are SO blessed to have so many temples around us.
A few weeks ago, my mom and I drove up to Brigham for my grandpa's birthday. We made the traditional stop at Maddox before we went to the cemetery. On the way there, we drove past the Brigham City Temple. A few days before, they are put up the angel Moroni and it looked incredible! I know my mom is sad that her father couldn't see it being built but we know he is happy with my grandma and is watching down on us daily. I can't wait for that temple to be completed and to go with my family. That will truly be an amazing experience!

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